• Jan.

    Monte-Bianco is awarded with the tile of ' the 2012 corporation taxpaying over 30 million CNY (5 million USD) '. This tile is awarded to Monte-Bianco continuously for last 7 years.

  • Apr.

    The key techniques of the research and industrialization for Monte-bianco's Metal-bond Diamond Abrasive are approved by the experts group from the Foshan Science and Technology Bureau.

  • Jun.
    The research and industrialization of Monte-Bianco's Metal-bond Diamond Abrasive for grinding and polishing surface of construction ceramic tiles is awarded with the first prize of Science and Technology Innovation in Foshan.
  • Agu.
    National Post-Doctoral Research Center is authorized to be found in Monte-Bianco corporation by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of P.R.C. as well as China Post-Doctoral Administrative Committee.
  • Sep.
    The integrated management system of Monte-Bianco is evaluated and approved by the China Quality Mark Certification Group.
  • Nov.

    Guangdong Provincial R&D Center of Super-hard Materials and Applications Industry in Monte-Bianco is evaluated and approved successfully.

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