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Resin Bond Diamond Fickert

Working Conditions:Water Cooling

Suitable machines:KEDA, ANCORA, BMR, PEDRINI, KEXINDA, LIBEN, KELID etc. various polishing lines

Application scopes:Various porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, crystal tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles etc. in different sizes like 600x600, 800x800, 1000x1000, 600x1200, 300x300, 300x600 and so on.
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Resin Bond Diamond Fickert is used to make fine and finish grinding in order to improve the gloss on ceramic tiles surface. Our resin bond diamond fickerts are approved for their excellent grinding and polishing effect, long working lifetime and competitive price and performance ratio.

Diamond Fickert was initially used for ceramic tilespolishing by Monte-Bianco in 2007 after our several years of consistent anddevoted research and development. This product has been highly approved by ourcustomers according to their two years of practical use. Compared withtraditional silicon carbide abrasives, this product’s advantages can besummarized as more efficient, energy saving and lower consumption. DiamondFickert is the latest contribution made by Monte-Bianco to the technicalupgrade and reform in ceramic tiles processing field. The development of thisproduct is also one good example of Monte-Bianco following the Scientific-DevelopmentSight of ‘Energy save, lower consumption and environment protection’ which is highlypromoted by Chinese government now.

resin fickert
Compared with traditional silicon carbide abrasives, the advantages of Diamond Fickert can be summarized as following:
1. Long working lifetime, which is 80 to 150 times longer than traditional silicon carbide abrasives.
2. Grinding efficiency is increased by more than 50%, the electricity consumption of polishing spindles is decreased by more than 40% and the polishing speed is increased by more than 20%.
3. Maintenance cost of polishing spindle and belt is reduced by more than 30%.
4. Waste residue caused by grinding is reduced to even less than 1% of that produced by traditional silicon carbide abrasives, which can be nearly neglected.
5. Operator’s workload is visibly reduced and labor cost is saved.
6. Required abrasives transportation quantity is reduced very much so as to save the related social resources such as energy and logistics etc.


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