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-- For Ceramic

Dry Squaring & Chamfering Wheel

Working Conditions: Dry working

Suitable machines:KEDA, ANCORA, BMR, PEDRINI, KEXINDA, LIBEN, KELID, EDING etc. various chamfering machines

Application scopes: Glazed porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles ect. in various sizes
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Dry Chamfering Wheel
The advantage of these produces is to make chamfering without water on ceramic tiles edges, which can achieve the same effect as traditional wet chamfering way. By the traditional wet mode, the tiles body will absorb water and some water will be still remained after drying, so ceramic tiles may become mildew and dyed when storing and transportation. But by dry chamfering mode, it can prevent effectively above mentioned quality problems, moreover the drying equipment and process become unnecessary, so the power consumption can be lowered, labor cost, drying equipment and related field can be saved.These products are suitable for make dry chamfering on glaze wall tiles. Our dry chamfering wheels are approved for their high grinding and cutting efficiency, excellent effect and stable performance.
dry chamfering wheel


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