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Post-Doctoral Research Center was found in Monte-Bianco corporation

28/10/2013 / HITS:

In order to promote combination of production, education and research, so as to promote technological innovations in corporation, Post-Doctoral Research Center was authorized to be found in Monte-Bianco corporation in Oct. 2013. This was studied and decided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as well as China Post-Doctoral Administrative Committee.
The bid of Post-Doctoral Research Center started from 2012. During one year time, after selecting by Human Recourse department in district, city, province and nation, Monte-Bianco won the bid after experts evaluated and demonstrated, thanks to Monte-Bianco's strong technical advantages. 
Chinese Post-Doctoral Research Center is usually found on the basis of strong technological research center in certain industries, technological enterprises or college. It will attract top professional talents, and supply them with well-built technological facilities, so it promotes the research, design and test of certain industries .
Monte-Bianco is the leading corporation in super-hard applications industry, who consider the Technological Innovation and Talent Cultivation as key engine of enterprise development. We always attract a lot of talents and build up a professional R&D team which strengthens our independent innovation firmly. Post-Doctoral Research in Monte-Bianco strongly proves this. On the other hand, Post-Doctoral Research will help Monte-Bianco attract and cultivate more and more professional talents, finally will promote Monte-Bianco's contributions to super-hard applications industry. 

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